Islam’s Two Most Wanted: Bring Our Soldiers Home!

Blair WitchBush

12 million Iraqi people voted to elect the new government, including members from all Iraq’s sectarian minorities. The U.S and U.K governments actually believed this would in some way reduce the high levels of extremist terrorism in the country. It will but they need to do something very soon.

By Liam Bailey

As I have detailed in the article Islamic Extremist Terrorism: America's Frankenstein the main cause of worldwide Islamic terrorism is ignorance by American administrations since 1979 of unintended consequences of their foreign policy decisions. If you have read Americas Frankenstein or already know the back-story of rising anti-American/western feeling in the Islamic world, skip to the last paragraph. For those who don't I will cover the back-story briefly to support the strong opinion of this article.

The figurehead of Islamic extremism, Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terror network that has now been unleashed on the western world, is known to have been an unintended consequence of using Afghanistan’s Muhajideen to defeat the government, which was a communist ally of the soviets. Then when the soviets invaded to quell the resistance, using Islamic extremists not only to defeat the invasion but also to do it in the most costly way: Reagan’s insurgent warfare by proxy. So, outraged by America using Muslim people for their own aims, on-going support for Israel in their theft of Muslim land, and most recently by the occupation of his homeland Saudi Arabia becoming permanent after the first gulf war, in 1996 Osama and his terror network declared (religious) war on American troops in Saudi Arabia. Extending the declaration to include other extremist networks, and America’s allies in 1998, the Fatwa (religious ruling), in effect became a declaration of Islamic (Jihad) war on the western world.

The U.S’ oil-biased and ignorant attitudes continued towards the Islamic world; in fact, the U.S changed none of the things that were causing outrage in the Muslim world. Therefore, hatred of America and the west in the Islamic world, fuelled now by the Internet continued to grow, and as the numbers of angry Muslims grew, so did recruitment to Al-Qaeda and the other extremist networks. Rapidly growing Islamic extremist terrorism gained global notoriety with another unintended consequence of foreign policy, on September 11, 2001 with the largest terrorist attacks ever on U.S soil.  Still, America didn’t change it’s mistreatment of Muslims, or stop condoning it; in fact the ignorant attitude to unintended consequences seemed to flourish under the management of (like father like son) George Bush Jnr, when he started the war on terror proper by invading Afghanistan then Iraq shortly after. Therefore, high levels of anti-American feelings across the Islamic world before 9/11, with the Afghan/Iraq invasions became even more widespread and put Britain at number 2 on their list of hated countries.

So, with these terror networks now reaching massive proportions, new groups being formed all the time, and the current occupation of two third world Muslim countries, largely by Islam’s two most wanted. Is it any wonder there are so many insurgents, and so many attacks on the occupiers and/or Muslims deemed (because they aren’t terrorists) to be supporting the occupation? My opinion is no. Therefore, in my opinion the best way to end Iraq’s massive terrorism problems, or at least stop it increasing and reduce the chance of Civil War is giving the new government full control, by ending the U.S/U.K occupation.

It must be done soon though, before the government is labeled a puppet of the occupiers and therefore an enemy of the terrorists, including Iraqi terrorists meaning the terrorism would continue indefinitely, or until the outcome of an ever increasingly likely civil war. I believe ending both occupations ASAP is the war on terror’s best way forward, as it would take away two causes used by the networks for propaganda/recruitment on the Internet and by other means.
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  1. Elite59 said,

    May 22, 2006 at 11:43 pm

    Please give an example of U.S. theft of Muslim land. (your third paragraph)

    To tell you the truth, I think these radical Mulims hate is misguided at the Westerners. Why not attack the ultra wealthy shieks, kings & mideast politicians. They are the ones selling the oil for profit to the west. They should be sharing the wealth and raising the standard of living in the mid-east and other Muslim lands.

  2. leejay said,

    May 23, 2006 at 7:05 am

    “support for Israel and the theft of Muslim land” should read:
    “support for Israel in their theft of Muslim Land. I will change it now.
    it refers to Israel having prolongued American support, despite it making increasing encroachments on palestinian (Muslim) land, towards the gradual complete annexation of Jerusalem, third holiest city to Muslims, even after the Oslo accords wre signed supposedly preventing this. Please as I said, if you’re passionate about this topic, please read Islamic Extremist Terrorism: America’s Frankenstein, which covers in great detail the relationship between Muslim Anger at American foreign policy since 1979, and Islamic Extremist Terrorism. Also worth a read is Frankenstein 2: Iranian Revenge, detailing Iranian involvement in the current Iraq War. Thank you for commenting on my post I really appreciate it.

  3. leejay said,

    May 23, 2006 at 7:07 am

    I do agree with the point you make about the Mullah’s and Sheiks, but they are largely funding Islamic extremism and terror, as I say to know the full story, including how the U.S forced Saudi Intelligence into hiring Osama Bin Laden, read America’s Frankenstein.

  4. mark grayson said,

    October 8, 2006 at 12:08 pm

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