The War Is Upon Us

I will also be posting this to my new blog called The Bailey Mail, where I will be posting everyday, articles and information as the world breaks down into catastrophic conflict. I will be fully htmling this article tomorrow on both sites.

My views on the conflict tearing through the Middle-East and threatening to plunge the world into conflict.

By Liam Bailey

Today is the day that tit-for-tat bombardment and rocket attacks between Israel’s superior military force and Southern Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants respectively, has broken into all out war between two nation states, as the Israeli military crosses into Lebanon; fierce fighting broke out in four villages in the south. The border crossing looked likely all day, as a column of Israeli tanks and troops massed on the border, on a day when Israel called up several thousand reservists and again dropped leaflets warning Lebanese civilians to flee from the south to an area behind the Litani River, ending any doubt of their intentions for seasoned observers. These actions provoked a statement from the Lebanese government that their military would defend against any Israeli invasion.

Israel’s intention is to push Hezbollah militants back behind the Litani River, creating a 20 mile buffer zone between Hezbollah rockets and Israel, which the Israeli’s hope will eventually be patrolled by an international peacekeeping force. The Israeli defence minister had previously said “we have no intention of conquering Lebanon but… we will do it without thinking twice”. This ground incursion and rhetoric is designed to draw Iran and Syria into the fray in preparation for the U.S’s entry into the conflict, starting with Iran. I have believed this action to be the first pre-emptive strike in Bush’s Iran war plan since the latest mass bombardment of Gaza began just after Corporal Shalit was captured by members of the Hamas military wing and Islamic militants from other groups.

My beliefs blossomed when the U.S vetoed the U.N resolution calling for an end to Israel’s disproportionate action of collective punishment and an end to Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel. The U.S ambassador to the U.N, the man ultimately behind the veto is none other than John Bolton, staunch Neocon and member of the PNAC think-tank, which has always called for the removal of Saddam Hussein and Hezbollah. You can read my prediction in my comment on the Guardian’s CiF on July the first, as many of you may know my username is Wordsworth, hint: from the edit menu select find on this page, type: Wordsworth and press return.

I have already stated the predictions of ex C.I.A analyst and presidential adviser Ray McGovern that the U.S would stage the basis for an Iranian invasion; he hinted at state terrorism and Hezbollah scapegoats. Instead, the Bush administration has used the Proxy Israeli army to draw and lead the middle-east into a conflict, in the hope of securing another term on, what he views as his strength as a wartime president, hoping the electorate will doubt the opposition’s strength to counteract this new threat.

The Bush Neocons attempts to render the U.N obsolete, the vetoed resolution, resisting ceasefire calls from many parties, including the Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and the latest, Condoleezza Rice will go to the Middle East on Sunday, at least two days too late, have supported the theory. Also supporting my beliefs is the reporting of Pro-Israeli media, the Jerusalem Post’s reports that Hezbollah wanted the soldiers transported to Iran, which was denied by Iran, and reports of a statement by the Iranian President that “Muslim’s will rejoice soon”, which I could find no other reports of by any other reputable news or media source. And these reports along with the whole Israel-Lebanon conflict reported under the heading: Iranian threat.

Some people may view my arguments as anti-Bush or anti-American, they are neither. As always the facts as they are uncovered form the basis for my arguments. As I said at the beginning of America’s Frankenstein, I was a firm believer in the war on terror, its aims, resolution never to bow down and its eventual success. My views were changed in the long research I did to write America’s Frankenstein, which started as a very different article. The U.S coalition and plans for “regime change” in Afghanistan months before 9/11. The case made for the Iraq war, (also proposed in official PNAC letter dating back to President Clinton) proven to have been almost completely manufactured, along with the Neocon background of Bush and senior administration members, their strong affiliations with the PNAC, and the several members of the Reagan administration responsible for building the problems in both Iraq, Afghanistan and the world to the current levels. All these plans are laid out on the PNAC website and can be found with relative ease.

All these plans and the case proving bottomless make my thesis are reasonable suspicion. Whether it is all a U.S pre-emptive strike or not, watch the current conflict become the trigger for war with Iran. And watch it turn into a catastrophic global conflict.

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  1. August 10, 2006 at 7:58 pm

    […] Since Israeli ground troops began fighting in Lebanon I have been saying they would eventually push as far into Lebanon as the Litani river, contradicted consistently by Israeli statements regarding their official aim in the conflict.  Vindication came yesterday. […]

  2. August 10, 2006 at 8:23 pm

    […] Since Israeli ground troops began fighting in Lebanon I have been saying they would eventually push as far into Lebanon as the Litani river, contradicted consistently by Israeli statements regarding their official aim in the conflict. Vindication came yesterday. […]

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