Road-Map To War 2

This is my latest article, I posted it to the Baileymail this morning.  The U.S led road-map to war continues in its aim of Israeli shared Middle Eastern domination.

By Liam Bailey

Nothing has changed in the latest Israel/Lebanon crisis, despite a major development. The U.K and France finally agreed on the wording of a draft UN resolution on Saturday, the first of the current crisis comes after a long line of failed UN resolutions issued over the years. The U.K got its way with the resolution, which calls for a “cessation of hostilities” weaker as oppose to an immediate ceasefire, the resolution was weak on other main areas, such as only suggesting that the Israeli soldiers be returned and Israel withdraws its long-running occupation of the Chebaa farms area of Lebanon, and address the prisoner issue. All signs indicate that this is but another symbolic gesture by Tony Blair’s UK, who supports the U.S in allowing Israel to achieve its aims against Hezbollah; Israel has always said it won’t withdraw or stop its offensive until international troops arrive, yet the resolution stipulates that the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon already, should initially monitor the ceasefire until the force can be put in place.

The day after the draft was drawn up Israel reiterated it would continue its military offensive against Hezbollah until the international force arrived or it achieved its military aim of creating a buffer zone, which it would then occupy until the international troops arrive. Hezbollah said it would continue its attacks on Israel until all Israeli soldiers were withdrawn. The resolution was never meant to work, France were the only party who really wanted it to; but even they eventually had to concede to giving Israel the right to defend itself, a term wrongly interpreted by the Olmert administration, which is a law to itself. This was clearly displayed again yesterday, by Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon’s who said that even if the UN passed a immediate ceasefire resolution Israel would continue to occupy a buffer zone in South Lebanon, and would continue its military offensive until it achieved its aims, overruling the watered down resolution, “no-one can act against Israel”.

All developments then continue to back up my well-versed theories on the matter, the Israeli action, clearly months in the planning, has aims far beyond Israel’s future security, and will continue under the unwavering U.S umbrella until Hezbollah is defeated or war breaks out with Iran providing fresh justification for its continuation. The latest developments in the Iran crisis, their chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani announced yesterday “we will expand our nuclear activities where required” he also called the resolution “Illegal” and said “we reject this resolution”, also proving my theory, that Iran will be attacked by the U.S or Israel when it fails to comply with UN resolution 1664 by August 31st, combining with the current crisis to spark a catastrophic global conflict. Iran has also threatened to cease oil exports if pressure continues over its nuclear activities, a threat aimed at Iran’s ally China, relying heavily on Iranian oil in its path to super-powerdom, possibly apparent Russian support for the resolution triggered Iran’s necessity to ensure China will support Iran in its enrichment after August 31st.

What I think we will see over the coming days is further expansion of the Israeli offensive, throughout Lebanon, I believe we will see an escalation in attacks behind theLitani River, especially eastern areas. An escalation of these actions close to the Syrian border, would undeniably be an attempt at provoking Syria’s entry into the conflict, in another wing of the plan to provoke Iran into actions justifying attack, what worries me even more is that this could also be used to kill two birds, by achieving “regime change” in Syria through the U.S proxy Israeli army.

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