Foiled Terror Plot: A Taste Of Things To Come!

As Blair continued to back U.S support for Israel continuing its action against Hezbollah, the diplomatic efforts so far, among other things have ensured last month’s foiled terror plot is a taste of things to come.

By Liam Bailey

The U.K under Blair going ahead with its part in the Iraq war, despite the millions of people, including many Muslim’s protesting before the event caused many British Muslim’s, mainly the young to rebel against our way of life; creating an element of separatism within our Muslim communities.  Blair and Bush’s actions before the Iraq war, Gauntanamo bay displaying severe discrimination against Muslim’s, guilty (and tortured to admit it) until proven innocent under the watch of two supposedly democratic governments, undoubtedly along with the Iraq war, a major factor in the reasons for the 7/7 bombings.  

Gauntanamo bay was also responsible for showing Muslim’s and non-Muslim’s that the U.S government clearly felt it was OK to treat Muslim’s as second class citizens, not entitled to the same basic rights as non-Muslim’s, such as innocent until proven guilty and the right to legal counsel, and the Geneva convention preventing torture.  The 7/7 bombings, an unintended consequence therefore, Gauntanamo bay, and the Iraq war brought the War on Terror to our shores and led to heightened security in the capital and increased pressure on the intelligence services, ultimately leading to the Forest Gate raid and the new terror laws, both of which have proved to be massive mistakes in the larger war against extremism. 

The Forest gate raid angered Muslim’s, initially because of the shooting, the unnecessary level of force/officers (200) and the almost immediate suspicions in the media that the raid was launched on flimsy intelligence, subsequent stories unfolded in the coming days, revealing the raid was launched on the flimsiest of uncorroborated intelligence, reportedly from a retard serving a sentence under terror legislation, who gave the information in return for a transfer to a more lenient prison.  Blair’s support for Gauntanamo and the Forest Gate raid also showed Muslim and non-Muslim Britain that (Blair) the UK government felt that the current massive problem of terrorism being carried out by Muslims, gave them the right to openly discriminate and persecute Muslim’s. 

The new terror laws however, have and are causing continuIraqal anger and separatism within the British Muslim community on the scale of Gauntanamo, Iraq and Forest gate put together.  Many British Muslim’s, especially the young and those with the stereotypical Islamic terrorist look (like Osama bin Laden) are complaining of increased harassment and persecution by the police, this isn’t entirely the police’s fault, potential terrorists are likely to be Muslim, but stopping and searching the same individuals or groups is doing more harm than good.  The police’s only chance in the fight against terrorism comes from regular, reliable intelligence from within the Muslim community, continuing to create the impression of discrimination, and Blair’s comments after Forest Gate that more similar raids were likely and practically saying that stopping another attack is more important than the obvious mistreatment and shooting of a subsequently innocent Muslim, decreases the chances of obtaining said intelligence and therefore of successfully fighting terror.

As I have said and the channel 4 dispatches survey found, when the survey was taken the mistreatment of Muslim’s by Bush, Blair and the British police had led, more to an increasing separatist attitude of focussing on their religion, than extremism, mainly within British youth, although the survey also found that 1 in 4 Muslim’s thought the bombers actions on 7/7 were justified.  The Israel/Lebanon conflict has proved, I believe to be the turning point between growing levels of Muslim separation and extremism/terror.  The U.S and U.K gave unrelenting support for Israel’s right to defend itself, even as more and more world leaders and other prominent figures stated that Israel’s actions were grossly disproportionate and called for an immediate ceasefire, Bush and Blair repeated the consistently changing Israeli line of not maintaining the status quo, and that a ceasefire wouldn’t come until conditions were met for sustainable peace.

U.S and U.K support for Israel’s disproportionate and ultimately murderous offensive effectively sunk the peace process every time. I have written many times that I believed the U.S’ main reason for being at the centre of “diplomatic efforts” was to guarantee Israel was given enough time to take out Hezbollah, or at least severely diminish their capabilities to retaliate against Israel in the event of a strike on Iran.  Earlier in the peace process, at the Rome conference all parties were calling for an immediate ceasefire, except Condoleezza Rice and the U.S, who said that the threat from Hezbollah had to be removed before a ceasefire would come, this proved to be a written permission slip for the Israeli offensive.  At the same conference she also said that an International force couldn’t be expected to enter Lebanon under fire, this led to the next round of obstructing peace, when Israeli leaders began saying a ceasefire or withdrawal wouldn’t come until an International force was in Lebanon.

All this, in me led to the belief that this conflict wouldn’t end until Hezbollah were defeated, or sufficiently incapacitated to retaliate against Israel were Iran attacked.  To Muslim’s, who’s brothers and sisters were dying by the hundred in Lebanon, this obstruction of the peace process by the U.S and Israel left Muslim’s thinking the only way to stop the slaughter is for Hezbollah to defeat Israel, this undoubtedly led to many Arab’s in the Middle East taking up arms in Jihad.  In the current climate of separatism among most British Muslim’s, particularly the young, Blair’s handling of the Israeli/Lebanon conflict again showed double standards and discrimination of Muslim’s, in that he and Bush’s obstruction of the peace process was allowing Israel to carry on killing innocent Lebanese Muslims. 

Therefore Gauntanamo, Iraq, Forest gate, the new terror laws and the resulting treatment of British Muslim’s by the police, combined with Al Qaeda’s Ayman Al Zawahiri’s statement on Al Jazeera July 27th, calling for “Muslim’s everywhere” to “fight and become Martyrs in the war against the Zionists and crusaders” as the recent foiled plot displayed, to turn increasing separatism among British Muslim’s into increasing extremism and therefore, terrorism.  So, under Blair’s government the way the police are attempting to counteract the growing risk of UK terror attacks, is increasing future levels of extremism and therefore increasing the threat we all face.  Blair’s unrelenting support for Bush as he continues to hi-jack the war on terror, selfishly using the public’s fear of Islamic extremist terrorism to justify war securing Israeli shared Middle Eastern domination.  Resulting in the slaughter of thousands of innocent Muslim’s (of course according to Bush and Blair they are already guilty, of following Islam.) mainly in Gaza, Iraq and Lebanon; guaranteeing that the recent foiled terror attacks are a taste of what’s to come.


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  1. October 23, 2006 at 6:46 pm

    […] I don’t deny that a good debate on this issue could be very beneficial for this country’s recent problems of increasing separatism within Britain’s young Muslim community. […]

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